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3D Modelling TinkerCAD

The following 3D models are my original work created using TinkerCAD cloud 3D modelling based on provided specifications. The resulting “stl” files were “sliced” using Cura engine which produced the “gcode” for the 3D printer.


Design Task

Create a customised ring to fit one of your fingers that is sutiable for 3D Printing. This ring has an outer diameter of 28mm and an I.D. of 22mm and a wall thickness of 3mm.


The produced ring has an outer diameter of 28mm, I.D. of 22mm and a wall thickness of 3mm which fits my index finger.

Below left is an embedded interactive iframe to the actual 3D model of the Ring on TinkerCAD. Click and drag on the model or scroll to zoom to explore the model features. Below right is a static image of the final ring design in TinkerCAD.

Static Image of Ring in TinkerCAD


The 3D ring succesfully 3D printed and fits one of my fingers so meets the design criteria. The design is a bit “chunky” and slightly uncomfortable to wear so could be improved by reducing the wall thickness to 1.5mm instead of 3mm and reducing the height of the “TG”.

Key Ring Name Badge

Design Task

Create a Key Ring Name Badge suitable for 3D printing approximately 70mm x 35mm x 4mm.


I designed six Key Rings, utilising embossed and cutout designs for the names. All have holes for the key ring. Open the Key Ring Name Badges in TinkerCAD.

Ring designs in TinkerCAD


All the designed rings meet the design requirements. My favourite design is the “skull” shown below.

TinkerCAD Code Blocks

Axis Animation

Badge Animation

Scratch Games